Paid apps for Android :-)

Now this post is and on a completely different topic than usual…

I just want to share a little tip for Android phones.

I think it’s a fantastic phone/OS (my model is HTC Legend) with only a few shortcomings.

One of the most annoying ones is that the Marked is devoid of any paid apps in many countries (Denmark for instance) which is really annoiying if you happen to have 2 euros in excess and a great app that you just can’t have.

How hard can it be to make a payment gateway? Google have Google Checkout for christs sake..  (I really hate these arbitrary country restrictions with a vengeance – give me Netflix in Europe!)

The solution is AndAppStore which is an alternative Marked implementation where they have solved the payment issue by just using paypal. I don’t particulary like paypal however they do provide a way to enter credit card details.

What to do:

  • From your phone go to and download the client. You’ll have to allow apps to be installed from all/unknown sources in the Settings/Applications menu
  • Register at the site. The email address you use should also be the one you plan to use for paypal
  • Start the app, allow it to update and enter your account details

The AndAppStore client is not a great app, it’s kind of ugly, there is a rating system, but no comments and no screenshots but it does allow me to pay for the few apps I do care about.

What to buy? I’ll recommend

  • JuiceDefender (Paid version is UltimateJuice)
  • Newsrob

That’s a whooping 8 €.

Any other apps to be recommended? Leave a comment.


About Søren Nielsen
Long time SharePoint Consultant.

2 Responses to Paid apps for Android :-)

  1. prabha says:

    I have the same problem with the search Service since the query component is stuck on ‘initialzing’ and so happy to see you fix.So I tried to follow the steps you mentioned but I am not able to Load the “SetupEnterpriseSearch.ps1″ script to powershell.Can you please how can I do that and whether I need to create an xml file.Can you please explain the steps.

    Thanks in advance

    • You are not able to load the script in powershell?

      There is a config xml file that is probably ok for you. You might want to verify the settings in it.

      Within powershell (run it as admin):

      . .\SetupEnterpriseSearch.ps1

      That is a dot space and then the location of the SetupEnterpriseSearch script.

      Note: you commented on the wrong blog post but never mind that.

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