I am Soeren L. Nielsen (for scandinavian inclined it’s actually “Søren”) and I’ve worked professionally with IT since 1998. I’ve been a consultant since 2003.

By now I feel that I’ve worked on a sufficient number of projects to have some useful insight to share – I hope you all agree.

My areas of work include (but are not limited to):

  • General .NET development (any version)
  • SharePoint 2003
  • SharePoint 2007
  • SharePoint 2010
  • Project Management


Professional IT experience:

5 Responses to About

  1. Doug Ware says:

    Thanks for the comment last night. That is a much better idea than what I was contemplating. I took some time today and implemented it with a small refinement.


  2. Morgan says:


    I really like your blog posts about content types.. i was wondering if you could email me so I could ask you about them and a few questions i had for you about them..

  3. Larissa says:

    Hello Soren,

    You have one of the most useful posts about Content Deployment. Thank you for that.
    I´m a sharepoint developer too and I´m getting some weird errors whose answer I haven´t found anywhere…
    Could you mail me, please, I´d like to exchange some questions and experiences about this.
    Thanks a lot!

  4. Rick says:

    Hi Soren,

    I liked your article on Sealed Content types and I’m wondering what knowledge you might have on Sealed Columns… Below is a post I have on the internet explaining my dilemma… Would love to here your thoughts on the subject (ps…it sounds a bit like the “reconnecting the virtual information back to the physical information”, am I on the right track?


    I’m using SharePoint 2007 and have site based on the Call Center Application template. If a choice type column is marked as Sealed within its Feature schema, you are not able to define more values from the Sharepoint GUI. I am assuming there is a way to reset the Feature schema for the field to unsealed (probably programmatically) which would open up the SharePoint GUI to allowing more values to be added to the Choice type column.

    Example: Go to your site columns and under “Core Contact and Calendar Columns” look at the “Gender” column. It is a Sealed column, meaning you cannot add additional values beyond the two values (Male/Female) that are already there.

    But there must be a way to modify the feature that the field belongs to and reset the Sealed=”TRUE” to Sealed=”FALSE”, which would open up the column within the SharePoint GUI to the addition of more values.

    I already have read about going into the 12 hive under features and changing the schema.xml file manually. But, I believe, this is not the proper (ie Microsoft approved) way to do this. The fact is, if done that way, any upgrades from Microsoft could wipe out your changes.

    So there must be a proper way of doing this. Any help would be appreciated!!

  5. Maya Sabogal says:

    Hi Soren,
    I need you your help about this error: I try installed a Web application in the new server but nothing work. Please help me!



    please can you help me! step to step, thanks

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